About Us

We are a shop of specialize in selling furniture made from natural marble. We offer a variety of different marble materials, including Italy Arabescato Marble, Italy Carrara Marble, Beige Travertine, White Travertine, Italy Calacatta Viola Marble, Italy Statuario Marble, and more. Each type of marble has its own unique texture and color, creating a unique atmosphere and feeling that will make your home truly one-of-a-kind.

We work directly with our quarry partners to mine these natural marble materials and use our own factory to manufacture our products. From selecting the stone to each step of the production process, we pay attention to detail and expert craftsmanship to create elegant, stylish, and durable furniture products.

We offer a variety of furniture products, including coffee tables, side tables, dining tables, and more. Our marble furniture products are primarily made with marble material, which offers qualities of high quality, beauty, and durability. Each piece of furniture has its own style and texture, adding a unique atmosphere and charm to your home.

Normally, the package will be transported by sea. After arriving in your city, the package will be delivered by truck to the first floor of your building. The driver will call you to communicate the specific delivery time before delivery. It should be noted that I am sorry that we do not provide unloading and installation services for the time being. When the package arrives, the unloading and installation will be the customer's own responsibility, and the accessories required for installation will be in the package

Making elegant furniture available at a fair price is one of our visions. By offering our furniture directly to our customers, we avoid the markup of retailers and middlemen, making your home more stylish and charming.

We also offer customization furniture services for customers with specific needs. We believe that every home has its own unique atmosphere and style, and our customization services can help you create unique furniture that blends perfectly with your home's ambiance: Nature Marble Furniture Custom Process

We also prioritize sustainability and environmental protection. Our products are made with natural marble materials to avoid the use of harmful chemicals that can harm the environment. We are committed to creating a healthy and eco-friendly home atmosphere that makes your home more comfortable and secure.