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  • 1. Custom Detail

    Customers can contact us through email or click the button in the lower right corner provide us with the required dimensions and marble materials for customization. Our staff will communicate with the customer to ensure that we fully understand their needs and expectations.

  • 2. Confirm Quotation

    We will provide a quote based on the customer's requirements. Upon confirmation, we will send the customer an invoice for the customized product, and they can pay through the invoice link or opt for a bank transfer.

  • 3. Drawing Confirmation

    Once we receive payment, we will send the customer a drawing of the customized product's dimensions within 48 hours for confirmation. Customers can review the drawing and request necessary modifications or changes.

  • 4. Transport Delivered

    The delivery time for customized products usually ranges from 8-16 weeks, and it depends on factors such as the product type, size, complexity, and logistics. We do our best to ensure accurate and timely delivery.

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  • Please note that our customized products are non-returnable and non-exchangeable because they are made according to the customer's specific needs and requirements. We advise customers to carefully review all details before placing an order to ensure that the customized product meets their expectations and requirements.
  • All marble tables in our natural marble category have natural texture, the pictures of the product are taken of the real product but please note that the actual product will not be exactly the same as the pattern and texture shown in the picture, each product is unique Is unique so variations in tone, colour, texture and pattern are unpredictable,Its pattern and texture vary from marble slab to marble slab, this is not a quality issue!
  • Please keep your contact information valid and unobstructed. We will update you on the status of the order during the delivery of the order (this includes confirmation of product drawings, logistics information, etc.)
  • Please note that for furniture delivery, the driver usually only delivers to the first floor of your building and cannot deliver it indoors for you. At the same time, it should be noted that I am sorry that we do not provide unloading and installation services for the time being. When the package arrives, the unloading and installation will be the customer's own responsibility, and the accessories required for installation will be in the package!

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