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Collection: Marble Trays

Discover our exquisite Marble Trays, meticulously crafted from high-quality natural marble. Perfect for adding a touch of elegance to your home, our trays are available in a variety of luxurious marble types:

  • Italy Arabescato Marble: Renowned for its striking veining and sophisticated appeal.
  • Italy Carrara Marble: A classic choice with soft grey veining on a white background.
  • Beige Travertine: Warm and earthy tones that add a natural touch to any setting.
  • White Travertine: Offers a clean and sophisticated look with subtle texture.
  • Italy Calacatta Viola Marble: Distinguished by its rich, bold veining in shades of purple.
  • Italy Statuario Marble: Prized for its bright white background and dramatic veining.


  • Elegant Design: Each marble tray is designed to bring a unique and luxurious atmosphere to your home.
  • Durability: Crafted with attention to detail, ensuring high quality and long-lasting beauty.
  • Versatile Use: Ideal for serving, organizing, or as a decorative piece.

Customization Services

We offer customization services to help you create a marble tray that perfectly matches your style and needs. Choose the type of marble, size, and design to create a unique piece.


Our marble trays are carefully packaged and shipped to ensure they arrive in perfect condition. Please note that while we do not offer installation services, all necessary accessories will be included in the package.

Enhance your home with the timeless elegance of a Marble Tray, combining natural beauty with stylish functionality.

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Shipping & Order

About Order

  • Your order amount already includes taxes and fees, so you don't need to pay other fees for it.
  • Due to the nature of the product, if you need to cancel/change the order after payment, please contact us within 24 hours after placing the order. However, it should be noted that the order amount we receive will be deducted by 5% fee by platform, and the fee will not be returned to us even after we refund you, so for canceled orders, we will deduct 5% of the amount, hope you can understand, after 24 hours, for orders that are in production, we will charge 10% of the order amount. If it exceeds 24 hours and the order has been shipped, we are sorry that we cannot cancel the order for you!
  • For any order that needs to be changed, you can contact us to change it when the order has not been shipped. For orders that have been shipped, I am sorry that we cannot change the information for you, so please check your order carefully when placing an order Information (product size, color, delivery address, contact information, etc.)
  • If you have any questions about the order after receiving the order, please contact us within 7 days after receiving the package. We will not be able to deal with the problem for you after 7 days. Please note that before contacting our customer service team, please Do not return or refuse your product directly, otherwise we will not be able to process any refund request for you.
  • Please keep your contact information valid and unobstructed. We will update you on the status of the order during the delivery of the order (this includes confirmation of product drawings, logistics information, etc.)

About Shipping Time

For small products such as marble trays, we need 2-3 working days to prepare your order after receiving your order, and the delivery time is 1-3 weeks.

For large products such as dining table/coffee table/side table, due to the size and weight of the product, the production time of the product will take 3-6 weeks, and the package will be shipped by sea, which will take about 5-8 weeks

You can find the information about current delivery time for each product in its product description. Please note that the delivery time stated on the website is preliminary. Occasionally delays can occur due to traffic, weather, breakdowns and other unforeseen circumstances. In that case, Fanstonefurniture will notify you as soon as possible.

About Package Tracking

For small products such as marble trays, our system will send you an email with a tracking number and an inquiry link after the package is sent out. You can use this tracking number to check the logistics status of your package

For large products such as dining table/coffee table/side table, we will transport your package by sea. After the package is sent out, we will inform you of the package tracking number and some detailed information of the package transportation by email. After the package arrives at you In the local city, your local delivery company will deliver the package for you. During this period, we will update you with some important logistics information (shipping voyage, arrival time, delivery company contact information, etc., so please make sure you The contact information is smooth!

About the package being damaged during delivery

First of all, please check the status of your package and items immediately when the driver delivers it to you. If you find that the appearance of your package is damaged, please write on the receipt/receipt: Damaged, and your signature and driver's signature information are required. Then send us pictures, in this case, please be careful not to refuse the package, otherwise we will not be able to deal with the problem for you.

Please contact us as soon as possible after receiving the package, we will provide you with a solution. If no questions are asked at this time, the furniture will be considered fully accepted.

About lost packages

Please be aware that there is a difference between a parcel that is lost in transit and a parcel that is missing after it has been marked "Delivered" by the courier. If a parcel has been marked as delivered but you cannot find it, we are unable to do anything. We cannot issue a refund or send a replacement, and we cannot file a claim for a parcel that has been marked as delivered. We recommend you check at an alternate entrance to your domicile, at a neighbor's house or apartment, or at the front desk of your apartment complex or place of business to see if the parcel has simply been misdelivered. If the parcel is not in one of those locations, please contact the courier to see if they can help locate your parcel. 

About Natural Marble

In interior design, natural marble is a timeless material that adds elegance and luxury to any space, whether it's for home decor or commercial venues. Different types of marble have unique textures and colors, providing designers and homeowners with a wide range of options. At FanstoneFurniture, we mainly offer Arabescato Marble, Carrara Marble, Beige Travertine, White Travertine, Calacatta Viola Marble, and Italy Bianco Statuario Venato Marble. Each piece of marble has its own unique patterns and characteristics, making your space more distinctive. Whether you want to create a modern and minimalist atmosphere or pursue a natural feeling, we can provide you with the most suitable marble options.

Italy Calacatta Viola Marble

Calacatta Viola is a luxurious natural stone that is quarried in Tuscany, Italy. Its striking appearance, featuring white background and vivid purple and gold veining, makes it a popular choice for high-end residential and commercial projects, creating a grand and sophisticated atmosphere. The intricate veining and rich coloration of Calacatta Viola add depth and character to any space, making it an ideal material for creating a statement piece or focal point.As a natural stone product, each slab of Calacatta Viola will have a unique pattern and coloration, it adds a touch of refinement and luxury to any setting, making it a popular choice among designers and architects.

Italy Bianco Statuario Venato Marble

Bianco Statuario Venato is a high-quality marble that is quarried in the Carrara region of Tuscany, Italy. Its classic and timeless appearance features a white background with grey veining, making it versatile for both modern and traditional designs. Its clarity and consistency of veining give it a clean and sophisticated look, and its durability makes it suitable for high-traffic areas. Overall, it adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to any space, and it's a popular choice among designers and architects due to its neutral color palette and versatility.

Italy Arabescato Marble

Arabescato is a high-quality Italian marble with a unique appearance. Its white background features intricate grey or black veining that creates complex patterns, giving it a stunning and sophisticated look. As a durable and stain-resistant material, Arabescato is well-suited for high-traffic areas and various design applications, including flooring, wall cladding, and countertops. Its versatile neutral color palette and intricate design make it suitable for both classic and modern design styles.  Adds elegance and sophistication to any space.

Italy Carrara Marble

Carrara marble is a high-quality natural stone primarily found in the Carrara Mountains of Tuscany, Italy. It is renowned for its white background with fine grey veining, giving it a classic and timeless appearance.Due to its neutral color palette and classic appearance, it is a popular choice for creating a refined and elegant atmosphere.

Beige Travertine Marble

Beige travertine is a natural stone known for its warm beige color and distinctive natural patterns. Its porous texture with visible holes and troughs gives it a unique appearance. It's a versatile material used in flooring, wall cladding, and countertops, often chosen for creating a rustic or earthy aesthetic. Its durability and resistance to heat and moisture make it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Its natural variations in color and texture make it a popular choice for a one-of-a-kind look. Beige travertine adds warmth and character to any space, making it a beautiful and practical choice for a variety of applications.

White Travertine Marble

White travertine is a natural stone known for its creamy white color and unique natural patterns, its porous texture with visible holes makes it ideal for flooring, walls, and countertops. It's versatile, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, and can be used in a variety of design styles. Its natural variations in color and pattern create a sophisticated appearance, making it popular among designers. It's also durable and resistant to heat and moisture, making it practical for high-traffic areas. Overall, white travertine adds natural beauty and elegance to any space.

Natural imperfections:

Marble is a natural product, and as such imperfect. That’s a part of its charm. Imperfections and superficial fossils can remain even after polishing. These imperfections should not be confused with actual damage. In fact, for the small cracks, holes or rough spots you might find in the marble, Variations like these are not viewed as flaws or defects subject to complaint. And they do not diminish the quality and durability of your table. Think of them as the details that give your table character, the charm of natural stone.

Marble furniture maintenance introduction →

Care Instructions

Natural marble is a beautiful and durable stone, but it requires proper care and maintenance to preserve its appearance and performance. When cleaning, avoid using acidic or alkaline cleaning agents as they may damage the stone surface. Instead, use a neutral pH cleaning agent and gently wipe the marble surface with a soft cloth or sponge, avoiding rough materials or brushes.

In addition, the following precautions should be taken:
  • Immediately clean up spills, water stains, or other stains to prevent them from penetrating the marble surface and causing discoloration.
  • Avoid placing food or drinks containing acidic or alkaline ingredients directly on the marble surface to prevent etching or damage.
  • Avoid using sharp tools or knives on the marble surface to prevent scratching.
  • Avoid placing heavy or sharp objects on the marble surface to prevent damage.
  • Avoid placing hot items directly on the marble surface as high temperatures can cause the stone to crack. Use coasters or trivets to protect the surface from heat damage.
  • Use a sealer designed for natural stone regularly to prevent stains and etching.
  • For stubborn stains, use a specialized marble cleaner, but make sure it is a neutral pH and follow the instructions carefully.
  • Natural marble is prone to staining, so avoid using colored liquids or dyes on the surface.
  • For marble flooring, use doormats or shoe covers to reduce dust and stains from entering the room.
  • Regularly polish and treat the surface to maintain its shine and appearance.
  • If the natural marble surface has been damaged, seek professional stone repair and restoration services.

In summary, these tips can help you protect your natural marble surfaces and extend their lifespan. Follow these suggestions to ensure that your marble surfaces remain beautiful for years to come.

More Style Design

In addition, we accept customization of various shapes and selection of materials to truly realize your needs.

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More Marble Choose

We provide the following types of marble material options so that you can know them more clearly and complete the style you need!

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  • 1. Custom Detail

    Customers can contact us through email or click the button in the lower right corner provide us with the required dimensions and marble materials for customization. Our staff will communicate with the customer to ensure that we fully understand their needs and expectations.

  • 2. Confirm Quotation

    We will provide a quote based on the customer's requirements. Upon confirmation, we will send the customer an invoice for the customized product, and they can pay through the invoice link or opt for a bank transfer.

  • 3. Drawing Confirmation

    Once we receive payment, we will send the customer a drawing of the customized product's dimensions within 48 hours for confirmation. Customers can review the drawing and request necessary modifications or changes.

  • 4. Transport Delivered

    The delivery time for customized products usually ranges from 8-16 weeks, and it depends on factors such as the product type, size, complexity, and logistics. We do our best to ensure accurate and timely delivery.

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